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Building Relationships & Strength with Reformer Pilates

Our wonderful member Chris sat down with Julie, Scoresby Studio Manager and explained how reformer Pilates has improved her wellbeing not just physically with her injuries but also in her relationship with her daughter.

Tell us about why you decided to make a change in your lifestyle?

I decided to make a change for 3 main reasons;
  1.  I wanted to spend more quality and healthy time with my daughter, as time together is increasingly rare. Reformer Pilates is something that we were both interested in doing together, so was the perfect opportunity to start something new together. 
  2. I suffer from a painful hop that is caused by a trapped sciatic nerve. The exercise in the classes reflect what my physio has told me to focus on, so I knew that it was going to be beneficial to me and improve my movement everyday.
  3. I have terrible balance! The importance of strength and balance is very important as we grow older. 

How have you enjoyed adding reformer into your life?

Starting with my daughter made it so much easier as we were both ready to get moving. We could hold each other accountable and make sure we both worked as hard as each other- neither of us would let the other off easy! I try to now attend classes a week when I can.
When you look back, what do you think has changed? 
Since joining Pinnacle back in August 2019, my hip pain has improved by about 70% and I’ve found my balance and strength (although not yet perfect!) has improved as well. I am so much  more confident that my Pilates is going to support me in doing the things that I want to do as I get older. 
My daughter is overseas at the moment and when she returns we will continue to enjoy seeing each other improve (and have a good laugh at how awkward we sometimes look!)