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Using the Reformer, this class is designed to instill a strong foundation of Pilates ideal for those that are new to Pilates, however challenging enough for experienced clients who wish to refine their skills and concentrate on the fundamentals. Utilising just the reformer, no fitness props, no weights, the emphasis in this pure reformer moderately paced class is on a full body workout that can be modified for everybody and every fitness level.

Designed to define your core, sculpt your muscles and improve posture and flexibility.



A higher intensity version of our Pure Reformer class, we continue to focus on form and technique and build upon your strong foundation pilates technique. However in this class, we increase the resistance, increase the pace and the intensity adding small apparatus for that extra challenge on your core and stability, incorporating pilates and fitness props including hand weights and toning balls to your reformer class.

With greater energy, we will challenge you beyond your comfort zone, leading you through pilates sequences and variations ensuring a full body workout.

Designed to feel the burn and increase and improve muscular endurance, flexibility, strength and tone.





We take your reformer class to the next level by incorporating a jump board. This adds a cardio element to your current Pure & Strength reformer repertoire. With a focus on learning correct form, learn how to push off and jump creating an efficient and fun reformer class that is intense. You will alternate between jump and traditional Pilates exercises at a considerably high intensity which is maintained throughout this energetic and upbeat class.

Designed not only to feel the burn but work up a sweat whilst ensuring the perfect blend of muscle toning, cardiovascular intervals, balancing and strength.