Welcome to Pinnacle Wellness Caribbean Park


This class is designed to in-still a strong foundation of Pilates and using the bed to challenge your body to define your core, sculpt your muscles and improve posture and flexibility. Choose from our Pure, Strength and Cardio class styles to keep your workouts interesting!



Enjoy the detoxifying benefits of the heated room in a class that is sure to get your heart pumping! This mat-based Pilates class will provide a strong focus on your core as we work through a series of exercises designed to strengthen abs, glutes and upper body. A circuit based class will leave you feeling that incredible Pilates burn as well as the benefits of high intensity training and a beautifully heated room. 



A focus on Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga allows us to offer different paced options with all Yoga practice giving you the time to focus on your flexibility, balance, strength and stability whilst maintaining a mediative focus and awareness of breath..