our mission

To provide balance and inspiration to our community through movement, mindful practices and just a little pampering.

our values



A Japanese wording meaning small improvements and change every day.



In order to help our community, we must first understand to walk in their shoes.



We can lift higher together than on our own.



Love what you do, and do what you love.

How did Pinnacle Wellness evolve?

Founders Ben and Emma Stallworthy of Pinnacle Health Clubs have dreamt of different concepts prior to agreeing on the Pinnacle Wellness studio as you see today. They have dreamt of wellness retreats by the water, large resorts in exotic destinations, at home offers and even online presentations.

One holiday to Byron Bay really taught them the benefits of this environment and all they wanted to do was bring a piece of Byron back to the communities they currently know and love through their health clubs. It was just a matter of finding a dedicated space to do so! And so Pinnacle Wellness Upwey began. It made sense to launch in such a beautiful, leafy location nestled in the hills.

The desire to create this movement within their own communities manifested from their journey to bring balance into both of their own lives. Emma is a stress head, and often takes on too much pressure from work and home life. Like most women, she struggled to find time to put her needs first, and when she started a private yoga class at 6am on a Monday morning, it truly hit home for her. 6am worked for her, because she needed a time that her job wouldn’t get in the way and she found it was a great way to start the week – grounded, refreshed and feeling positively empowered.

Through finding yoga, she has also enjoyed the benefits of incorporating mindfulness and meditation to her week. A lover of running, having completed marathons before, as well as strength training in the gym, she has found the yin to her yang in the chaotic world that she lives.

As a married couple, they also learned that practicing times of stillness or slowing down really benefited their relationship – particularly as a couple that work together every day. Ben now joins Emma in her private yoga sessions!

They know they still have much to learn in this field, which is why they are proud to bring the passionate experts together under one roof, to share and inspire our communities whether that be in the form of different styles of mindfulness movement, slow down through meditation and stretching. They’ve found both yoga and Pilates to be mindful in different ways and really enjoy combining the two in their busy weeks..