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Keeping Anxiety and Stress at Bay during a Crisis

In stressful times, our bodies can go into fight or flight mode which leaves us constantly wired. Pinnacle Wellness Founder, Emma is a big believer in keeping ur mind as positive as possible has an impact on our bodies to fight infection and keep our immunity strong. During this COVID-19 pandemic crisis the world is experiencing, many of us have fears, there’s a great deal of uncertainty, and stress and anxiety is at an all time high.

Here are a few ways you could try to keep your stress levels at bay and to maintain a positive frame of mind:

  • Talk a friend – phone a friend or family member that can lend an ear. Speak to them about your concerns and have a laugh with each other
  • Meditation – I cannot preach enough how beneficial a daily meditation practice can be to your psychological wellbeing. There are some great resources on the market for free and now would be a great time to adopt this in your day. Headspace and Calm are two free apps you could look to start with.
  • Time for digital detox and monitor media exposure. Unless ofcourse you’re using your phone for online workouts, it’s wise to consider a ‘digital disconnect’ period each day. I find that an hour when I wake up and an hour in the evening before I go to bed are manageable times. By doing this, it also allow me a more restful sleep. Watch the news to keep informed for your family and workplace, and switch off when you are updated.
  • Stretch and breathe – Take some time each day to slow down and stretch, and focus on some breathe work. This will help to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce cortisol levels caused from stress.
  • Exercise – Keep moving and active. This releases the feel good hormones, endorphins, and helps to keep our immunity strong.
  • Positive affirmations – Google positive affirmations, and choose some that resonate with you. Write them down and start saying them out loud each day. One that I love is, “I am in control of my thoughts and feelings, and I choose to be happy and positive”.
  • Practice gratitude – keeping focusing on the things in your life you are most grateful for, not what you do not have right now. Write them down and display them somewhere you will see every day. Add to these, there’s no limit!

Stay strong, stay calm, stay positive.

Emma x