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Whilst in isolation it may feel like our worlds have been flipped upside down. Whether you’re working from home, lost your job or an essential worker during these uncertain times could leave you feeling perhaps stressed, angry, upset, confused and maybe even a little lost. Remembering that what-ever emotion your
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How to Make The Most of Isolation

When was the last time you decided to take some time away from work, screens and your daily worries to enjoy some colouring? Probably at a time when you didn’t have a lot of things to worry about! As kids, we are taught that drawing and colouring helps develop cognitive
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How Colouring Can Help Practice Mindfulness

Globally, we are seeing a huge spike in digital usages during the current pandemic outbreak. With more time at home and being told we cannot visit friends or family, we are relying on digital ways to stay connected and entertained.  In our normal day to day lives, we already find
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Managing Our Screen Time & Staying Connected

Our bodies are designed to move and in times where we are at home, chained to our desks and our lives are busy, we can sometimes forget the importance of listening to what our body needs and moving as much as we can in order to maintain a holistic approach
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The Importance of Exercise and Natural Movement in Holistic Health

With the COVID-19 pandemic, those who are lucky enough to still be working, many are working from home. Self-isolation and social distancing mean more to us than ever and getting our work done behind closed doors is our focus. Working from home sounds great in theory. Comfy clothes. No commute
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5 Ways to Work From Home Productively

In stressful times, our bodies can go into fight or flight mode which leaves us constantly wired. Pinnacle Wellness Founder, Emma is a big believer in keeping ur mind as positive as possible has an impact on our bodies to fight infection and keep our immunity strong. During this COVID-19 pandemic
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Keeping Anxiety and Stress at Bay during a Crisis

Tips for improving zzz's
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5 Habits for Wellness