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How Wellness Has Supported Mary

My name is Mary Johnstone, I am 51 years old and I felt compelled to share my story about my journey with Pinnacle Wellness. 

My beautiful, loving Mum passed away four years ago and it caused me to go through a long period of grieving. I lost all motivation, felt an enormous sense of loss and emptiness to the point that one day, I decided enough is enough. I had to start doing something positive with my life but I just didn’t know what I needed.

Not knowing much about Pilates but had heard of the benefits it can have, I started a 14 day trial and attended as many different classes and I have never looked back.

I lost 4 kilos in four weeks. I instantly felt motivated again, and grew fitter and stronger. Mentally I cope better with all aspects of life now. It has given me a sense of balance and inner peace, the stretching and breathing has also helped me with my general health and flexibility.

For me, Pinnacle Wellness is a place to come and be yourself and feel free while working your body hard.  There is a sense of togetherness and humour, a great vibe overall. I enjoy the people I attend classes with, as we have so much fun, everyone is friendly, there is no judgement it’s a great community.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the amazing instructors at Pinnacle Wellness, who have helped transform my life in so many ways, it is very much appreciated. If you are thinking of becoming a  member and want to try Pilates and other classes that are on offer, I highly recommend it.              

Much love

Mary Johnston x