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Tips for improving zzz’s

Our minds are so active these days that it can be difficult to unwind and get the quality of sleep we need to function at our best. Here are our top tips for clearing space to get the zzz’s you need.

1.No technology after 8pm

This includes phones, tvs, laptops. Set a reminder in your phone at night that it is time to unplug and wind down.


2. Place your phone away from the bed

Try placing your phone on a nightstand, set of drawers etc away from your bed at night. If you’re worried you won’t hear the alarm in the am, go old school with an bedside alarm clock!


3. Keep the bedroom a TV free zone

Do you watch tv to get to sleep at night? This could be keeping your mind over stimulated. Keep TV time to the lounge room and create a calm space for sleep.


4. Herbal tea 

Try chamomile, or a sleepy tea blend. There are plenty of beautiful blends designed to help with sleep.


5. Yoga Nidra

A sleep based meditation that will send you into a space somewhere between being consciously awake and sleep. This form of meditation guides you through full body relaxation and is known to help provide the most beautiful nights sleep. We offer Yoga Nidra classes in our Upwey Studio.