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couples yoga

Couples Yoga

They do say that a couple that do yoga together stay together. Our founders, Ben and Emma, have been practicing yoga together in a private couples session weekly for a year and find it very beneficial. “Not only does it start our week off with clarity and calmness, it also invigorates and gives us a good laugh together as well!” Says Emma of their experience.

For them, they started couples yoga when Ben was too embarrassed to go to a group class. But it’s now become a part of their week that they both really look forward to.  There are some poses that Ben is strong in, and others where Emma can perform greater. But you learn how to share in these successes and frustrations, and be ok with where you are at. After all, that’s what yoga is all about.

Yoga also provides couples with the tools for maintaining calmness in their lives, which manifests well when frustrations come up in their relationship. Many couples report that they communicate better, and don’t lose their cool so quickly.

Why not try yoga together and see what benefits it can bring to your relationship? Bringing your partner to the mix, you’ll feel a greater connection to one another, and allow yoga to provide a new form of support, both physically and emotionally.

Couples Yoga

Couples Yoga