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surround yourself with people you want to be like

Did you know, we are attracted to like-minded people? Similarly, if we hang around people we aspire to be like, they also positively influence you or ‘rub off on you’. For example, exercising regularly makes us more attractive to others in mind, body and soul – in other words, we will attract to us people who have similar healthy lifestyles.

I’m not telling you to cut out of your life people that you don’t look up to, or aspire to be like, I’m not telling you to disown your family for example, but I’m saying that perhaps you need to reflect on the people you are choosing to spend most of your time with, and start minimizing time with toxic relationships. Start increasing your exposure to positive people, living healthy lifestyles.

That’s why we love exercising in groups or belonging to somewhere like our studio. You meet people with like-minded interests, and being around them make you feel good and inspire you to keep coming again and again, all for the benefit of your body and soul.