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3 fun ways to relieve stress

Relieve Stress

We all know that getting a better night’s sleep, healthy eating and deep breathing are effective ways to reduce stress – and whilst these practices should never be underestimated for their tension-relieving properties – sometimes life calls for a bit of fun!

When we’re having fun, we’re less likely to focus on stressful thoughts or worries like we might during more peaceful stress-relieving activities, so it’s a win:win situation. However, before you go and book an adrenaline pumping day out, we’ve got a few suggestions for adding a bit of joy to your de-stress sesh that will cost you nothing (or next to nothing).


Put music to your worries and dance them away! Whether you’re a pop princess or hard-rocker, listening to your favourite songs releases the feel-good chemical dopamine in the brain and makes you feel wonderful – research has proved it!

And don’t worry if you’re no Fred Astaire on the dancefloor, in the immortal words of ABBA “You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life…”


Unleash your inner Picasso and splash paint over a canvas to relieve the stress of a hectic day. Research has found that even if you’re not very artistic, just 45 minutes of creative activity significantly diminishes stress in the body.

Thought of paint stains on the carpet too much? You can still ‘paint’ the stress away on the Color Therapy App – Download it here


In times of stress and anxiety, laughter may be the last thing on your mind. However, they don’t say it’s the best medicine for no reason. When shared, laughter can increase happiness and intimacy but it’s the physical benefits that may astound you. These include: boosting immunity, lowering stress, decreasing pain, relaxing your muscles and preventing heart disease.

Best of all, it’s fun, free and easy to access; just pick up the phone and call your funniest pal or re-watch that one movie that always makes you laugh (cue Zoolander anyone?)

Relieve Stress