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The Importance of Exercise and Natural Movement in Holistic Health

Our bodies are designed to move and in times where we are at home, chained to our desks and our lives are busy, we can sometimes forget the importance of listening to what our body needs and moving as much as we can in order to maintain a holistic approach to our health.

Exercise and natural movement are a critical and often over looked aspect of a holistic approach to health. While not necessary to start straight away with high intensity training, some form of resistance training (with weights) will promote the release of helpful building hormones like Growth Hormone (GH). GH promotes fat metabolism, the development of lean muscle mass, promotes bone mineralisation and stimulates the immune system (among many other functions).

For women, this effect of training is increasingly important as we age and transition into menopause and post-menopause. Resistance training can consist of just a handful of functional exercises like squatting, pushing and pulling movement patterns.To ensure that you benefit from the hormonal response, strength and mobility gains, make sure that you work with a qualified strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer.

In addition to strength training, low intensity activities like walking, cycling and swimming will help to promote circulation, improve oxygen utilisation and efficiency and also provide a low-impact, fun and social experience. If walking and general movement is something that you haven’t been able to fit into your schedule, set yourself a daily goal.

Start with something that is achievable (and enjoyable for you) and work your way up! Step counters (pedometers) can be a great way to motivate more walking too. Not only do our bodies benefit from this, but our minds need the fresh air and time away from our day- to- day jobs too. Talking that time away to exercise helps us focus on being present in the moment- something so important to us all.