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how to improve your attention span through meditation

Improve your attention span through meditation

Our mind is a muscle and we need to start thinking of it in that way. Like exercising our body, we need to exercise our mind, which we could argue is the most important muscle we have!
Meditation is exercise for your mind. Meditation is all about shutting out life’s distractions, being still and focusing on one thing, whether that be your breathing, a sound, or a colour.
Concentration is about putting your attention on one person, thing or object at a time without focusing on anything else, so you see how meditating is the practice of this and how when well practiced in meditation, can translate to better attention in your everyday life.

We all have trouble paying attention, particularly in our modern world with distractions on our phones, computers, Internet, watches – everywhere really! Our attention spans are shorter and shorter, for example, did you know that online, you have 3 seconds to get someone’s attention and 10 seconds to keep it in a marketing video?!

Everyone struggles with meditation at the beginning. We are distracted easily and thoughts keep popping into our heads taking us away from the task of focusing on our breath. Some of us think this means we are failing at meditation, and that sense of failure gives us a tendency to give up.  But it’s normal to get distracted, and meditation teaches us to accept this and then return back to our focus. By consistently practicing our attention span in meditation, this will also translate to other areas of your life too, so exercise your mind in one of our meditation classes!

Improve your attention span through meditation