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How to create a vision board

I’m a huge fan of vision boards! Personally, creating and recreating my vision board helps cement my goals, stay in alignment with what is most important to me as well as reflect on where I’m at.  Am I living in alignment with the vision I have for my world? Am I prioritizing right? Is there something I need to change?

It can seem overwhelming at first, you may not know what your goals are and that’s ok. The process of creating a vision board is actually a fantastic way to help figure that out. 

Where do you start?

You’ll need a pinboard! You can either create a digital version (there are apps for this) or go old school like me, with a pinboard and pins. Mine is from KiKi K. I find this works best for me as I can display it somewhere I’ll see it every day, such as my home office space.

Collect images My biggest piece of advice when you’re searching for imagery for your vision board, is to select pictures that make you FEEL good when you look at them. Don’t overthink it, just flick through a bunch of magazines and cut out anything and everything that fits into this. (or if going digital, scrolling and saving)

Manifest & take action  As you start to collect and pin your images, you’ll notice some key themes. Hopefully this provides a little clarity into what your overall vision is right now, what your goals are, where you may like to spend more time. The purpose of creating a vision board is to help increase awareness, and motivation, so that you can take the actions required to align your life with the vision on your board. 

Revisit your vision  Revisit and refresh your board whenever you’re feeling the need for a reset, reflect on it regularly. If something is no longer on your path, remove it, and add anything new that inspires you and makes you feel good.  
































Enjoy 🙂  Love Kylie x