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How to create a vision board

Vision boards are a fantastic way to help manifest the things you most desire in life. The process to create one is quite simple.

Step 1: Find a board and some pins

Step 2: Flick through magazines, scroll online and collect images of things you are drawn to

Step 3: Arrange these things onto your board

Step 4: Stand back and become aware of your vision. Do this every single day.

Now just because you have stuck a picture onto a board does not mean that these things will magically appear in your life. The process of creating a vision board can be one of discovery. Sometimes you may not know what your goals are or what you would like more of in your life until you go through this process. The images you’re drawn to, are going to be things that you want your life whether they are material objects, feelings or behaviours. 

The key to manifestation is to create a pattern of behaviour and thoughts that lead to the actions required to achieve a goal whatever that may be. The goal may be to run a marathon, the goal may be to create more acts of kindness. Creating a vision board, creates a visual awareness of these things. This awareness will motivate you to take action towards what you want every single day.

Our desires and our goals may change. Make sure that you revisit your vision board regularly to check in with what you want. If something is no longer on your path, remove it. Refresh the board whenever you feel the need to reset.